Traveller 17+1 AC

Traveller 17+1 AC

Per Day Rate
₹4500 / Day Including Driver BATA, 100KM Limit, ₹25 extra/km after limit
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    NOTE : 

    • For luxury tempo traveler rentals in Kerala with kilometer connectivity from base station to base station (Cochin city to Cochin city, Ernakulam to Ernakulam),
    • For Booking Cabs – Advance Payment is Mandatory.
    • 24 Hours CAB will be with Client [ Not Valid For Cochin]
    • At the time of Resort / Hotel Booking, please make sure that the Hotel You are staying at has parking and washroom facilities for the driver. If there is no facility, The driver will take a room in the nearest Lodge and the amount will be charged to the Customer.
    • Expenses are caused by factors beyond our control like roadblocks, political disturbances, etc…
    • Kerala Tourism Taxi Driver’s Normal Duty Time will be from 08:00 am to 08:00 pm. only
    • 24-hour service will be provided for Emergency Services like Hospital emergencies,
    • 24-hour service will be provided for Pick up on Arrival or Drop off on Departure in Cochin.
    • Taxi Rates are Subject to change during Festivals / Peak Seasons / Last Minute Bookings …etc
    • Some areas in the town/city limits do not allow stoppage so the driver can drop the guest only in the nearest convenient place where parking /stoppage is safely / legally Allowed.
    • 17+1 Seater Tempo Traveller vehicle permit is only for 17 Passengers including Children.
    • Traveller Vehicle Insurance coverage only for 17 passengers + Driver.
    • Kerala Luxury Tempo traveler rental in Ernakulam  Railway station vehicle kilometer also from Garage to garage-based only.
    • If You Reduce Your Travel Days Or Change the Tour Destinations After The Arrival, We will Not Be Able To Reduce The Vehicle Charge and Not Refund the Amount.
    • Toll and parking one time one place, return visit, not including the toll and parking.
    • Shopping Center and Shopping Market, Vehicle Parking Charge will be Charged additional.
    • Luxury Tempo Traveler Rental in Kochi [ Ernakulam and Trivandrum based Largest Luxury Tempo Traveller Rentals, Kochin our main Transportation office, Urbania Tempo Traveller also per day based Rental, Economy and Luxury 17 Seater Tempo Traveler Rentals near Kochin airport
    • Kerala tourism Vehicle Drivers Service time 08 Am to 09 Pm only, After 09 Pm will Be charged per Hour of 300 Rupees for Additional Driver Bata.[it’s for Sightseeing days ]
    • More than 17 passengers Kindly Book 24 or 26-seater tempo traveller
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