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”Nowhere is nature so pristine. Strikingly beautiful, still virgin. tucked away i its verdant Hillscapes are some of the most picturesque hill stations and tribes unblemished by time almost untouched. Definitely unspoilt. Trek its mist-clad peak. breathe in the smell of its spice plantations. Tune in to the mysterious cries of its dense jungles. Enjoy the romance of its remoteness that is imperious yet calm. Inviting yet awesome. There is no better place to Lose yourself in oblivion..

” Wayanad, the land of coffee and rice paddy, has this just washed look. It is due to the light. The light is inside everything, oozing up from furrows like sap from a cut peach glistening along leaves like licked lip.

With its fast flowing rivers,green hills and a sky of incomparable blue the palace evokes a rare charm.The District situated in the Western Ghats at a Height of 700 to 2100 meters above sea level, is landlocked. It is bounded by Mysore , Kodagu and Chamrajnagar districts of Karnataka in the North-East and by the Nilgiri District of Tamil Nadu to the west.

Area: 2132

Air: Nearest airport  : Kozhikode

Rail: Nearest railway station : Kozhikode



17 K.m east of Mananthavady / 45 K.m Northwest of Sultan Bathery . This 950 acre, uninhabited island on the eastward bound Kabani River is an ideal picnic spot. The wooded stretch of land is home to rare species of birds, orchids and herbs.


32 K.m northeast of Mananthavady. Surrounded by Kambamala, Karimala and Varadigo, the Thirunelly temple is a marvel of temple architecture


32 K.m Northeast of Kalpetta. The memorial of the ”Lion of Kerala- Veera pazhassi Raja – who organised the guerilla warfare against the British East India Company , is situated at Mananthavady.


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