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My recommendation for Resort and Hotel Booking with Kerala Tourism Taxi

Hi, Friend I have more than 20 years of experience in Kerala tourism, that too as a tourist taxi driver, Many tourists come to visit this god’s own country, and the majority of the Tourister come from North India, they come for a vacation in north India like Diwali and Pooja Holidays. At that time the main tourist centers of Kerala, Cochin [its Commercial Capital of Kerala], Munnar [A hill station], Thekkady [the famous wildlife sanctuary], Kumarakam [a backwater village ], Alappuzha backwater city and below the sea level and the famous houseboat Cruise center], Varkala [mostly European people visiting the beach. cliffs near the beach and Beautiful sunset ], Kovalam [the most popular beach and Local beach ], Poowar[ one of the best golden sand beaches in Asia ], and Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu [ is popular for watching sunrise and sunset over the ocean ], All the hotels and resorts in these areas will be booked before this vacation date. During Diwali and Christmas, the rent will be double the current room rent, and the tourist who thinks that he can book a week or two in advance, but during this time the rent will be triple and he will not get a good room, it will be foolish to go to these places and book directly. Because in these times there will be many people to cheat you, Not getting a good room sometimes you have to stay in the lowest quality lodge like a big resort where you and your family face many problems, mosquito, the room is not clean, there is no possibility to get hot water, sometimes the fan not working properly, it doesn’t matter if you complain, they don’t care. So book the hotel and resort as early as possible. If there is any change in your program, you will get the money you have paid in advance but it will be subject to the conditions of each resort. Don’t wait to get more discounts as the resort gets more bookings and the current price will go up.!

My recommendation for Kerala taxi and Tempo traveler booking

” Cochin is the leading tourism car rental in Kerala, followed by Trivandrum. But in this last COVID crisis, most of the Taxi vehicles here have been sold by the owners and they have returned to the bankers as they could not repay the loan from the bank. Every taxi family lived very hard without tourists for almost two years. Due to the increase in fuel prices, taxi fares have changed slightly this year.

It is said that there are very few Kerala tourism taxi vehicles in Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram during this season, so if you are a tourist who wants to come to Kerala, book your vehicle as soon as possible by paying in advance, please don’t wait for more discount .! one thing to remember is that the taxi rental cost does not decrease during the season. If you book one or two months in advance, you will get a vehicle under the control of the travel agency

Kerala is The best taxi service provider, taxi drivers in Kerala protect the taxi vehicle like their children, and the drivers are well educated, with language skills, with the concept of Athithi Devo bhava.

Do you think that if you come to Kerala and book a taxi, you will get a cheaper price? it’s a bad idea it will lose you money and time, I have written about this on another Page.
It may cost you more when you’re in a situation where you urgently need to book a taxi, as your desperation can lead to accepting higher prices. Finding a taxi driver and a suitable taxi may also become a matter of luck in such situations. Tourism taxis and Tempo Travelers are currently very few in Cochin and Trivandrum so if the Deepavali Christmas season is coming for the tour .? try to book the taxi as possible early and save your money and get a good-condition Tourism Tempo Traveler.

Kindly book your resort and hotel, and Taxi vehicle as soon as possible early.!. it’s my humble request. in case you need more information please contact Us. for More details

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