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About Kerala Taxi Service Cost

Taxi Cost

All Over Kerala Tourism Taxi and Tempo Traveller Rental Service Vehicle Cost Based Per day Bases  , Per Day 100  Kilometer allowed ,

Driver Allowance , Fuel also included the Taxi Cost  [ Example : Cochin Based Tourism Taxi Dzire Sedan Car 1 Day 100 Km 2000 -/Rs  ,  2 Days 200 Km 4000 -/ Rs , 4 Days 400 Km 8000 -/ Rs 7 Days 700 Km 14000 -/ Rs , 10 Days 1000 Km 20,000 -/ Rs ] incase your travel more then block kilometer than only Additional Trip Cost You will be pay  end of the day only total Kilometer Calculating , 

Customer Usage Additional Kilometer Based  [ Example :  Maybe Customer Booking A/c Dzire Sedan Car 5 Days for 500 Kilometer 10,000 -/ Rs / 7 days 700 Kilometer 14000 -/ Rs , If The Final Kilometer Reading Is Under The 500 Kilometer Taxi Charge 10,000 -/ Rs Only , 700 -/ Kilometer then Taxi Charge  14000 -/ Rs Only .  Above 500 / 700  blocking kilometer to  Customer Paying Additional Kilometer Charge it Per Kilometer 15 Rupee for Ac Dzire .

Not every days Additional Kilometer Charging , The Trip final days only Total Kilometer Calculating And Charging additional Kilometer Cost . and all Taxi Rentals will Additional Charging Toll and Parking , Other State Permit, Up and down Charging .!

All Over Kerala Taxi Kilometer Charging Garage to Garage Bases Only For example   Cochin Based Tourism Taxi Rentals Kilometer Calculating Cochin City taxi parking Garage To Starting and Vehicle Meter will Closing also back to  Cochin City Vehicle Parking Garage  ]

Trivandrum Based Tourism Taxi Rentals Kilometer Calculating  Trivandrum To Trivandrum ] Madurai Based Tourism Taxi Rentals Kilometer Calculating Madurai to  Madurai ] Coimbatore Based Tourism Taxi Rentals Kilometer Calculating Coimbatore to Coimbatore ] its Called Garage to Garage .! When Your trip starting day  Must Save The Car Meter Reading and Save your Money .

Sabarimala and Local trip cost fixed.

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